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Saturday, April 20th- STAAR Bootcamp Tutorials

Wednesday, April 24th- Social Studies 8 STAAR Testing

Thursday, April 25th- Science 8 & Biology STAAR Testing

Saturday, April 27th- STAAR Bootcamp Tutorials

Thursday, May 9th- AP Psych STAAR Testing

Wednesday, May 15th- AP World History STAAR Testing 



STAAR Bootcamp Saturdays

We’re excited to offer the chance for 2-hour tutorials on April 20th, and April 27th. Teachers are gearing up for STAAR and ready to help our Aviators ascend in the final stretch! This weekend, we will host tutorials for Algebra I (9th Grade), Biology (9th Grade), and Science 8 (8th Grade). Students received an individual letter and parent email if invited. 

April 20 – Science 8, Social Studies 8, Biology

April 27 – Math 7, Math 8, Algebra I



Welcome to YES!

Families, we are so excited about the turnout for Welcome to YES! We had almost 50 families turn out to get ready for the 2024-2025 school year! Thank you to all of you who came out.



STAAR Is here:

Next week, all Aviators will engage in their first STAAR Test of the 23-24 school year! Aviators must arrive at school by 8:30 am and cannot be picked up early on STAAR days. Testing continues for Social Studies and Science on April 24th and 25th. Students must bring a charger, charged laptop, and pencil. Cell phones and smart watches will be collected and returned at the end of the day. Ensure that your Aviator has a hearty breakfast, a good night’s sleep the night before, and is ready to uphold all campus expectations!  


































Senior Signing Day Permission Slips:

It’s that time of year again! On Tuesday, May 21st YES Prep will hold it’s annual Senior Signing Day at the Fertitta Center at the University of Houston. Grades 8 – 10 will be invited for the afternoon session to celebrate seniors from across the district. Permission slips are available now in Skyward and are due by Wednesday, May 8th.  


Count Down to STAAR:

It’s the final stretch, Aviator Families!

The countdown to STAAR begins. It is imperative that your Aviators are on time to school every single day so that instruction is not missed. See the image for the dates for all STAAR testing!




Grade Level Goals :

To close the year strong, each grade level has created a list of specific goals for your student to work to accomplish.  

In 6th & 7th grade, students will be focusing on earning “GRIT”: Showing Growth with their academic work, being Responsible by coming to school and earning no demerits (or being a ‘zero hero’), be responsible and wear IDs every day, and build Trust by having no honor code violations or Code of Conduct violations.  

In 8th grade, students are working to earn their spot on the 8th grade spring trip by having the fewest negative points (Demerits/Detentions/Suspensions). If you have questions about the 8th grade spring trip, please reach out to Tamir.Jackson@yesprep.org 


In High School, students have a “Bingo board” of goals they are working to get signed off on by their teachers. These goals range from being present every day, to earning Frequent Flyer Miles, to showing our core values.  


We are excited to end the year strong and celebrate your Aviator students! 


End of Year Attendance Matters:

We have lots of exciting field trips approaching to celebrate the end of the year!  Below is a list of approaching field trips. More specific information will be shared in May. Please be aware that students must be meeting behavior expectations to attend these trips—please talk with your student about making responsible choices so they are able to participate in these events! 

Grade Level  




8th, 9th, 10th  

May 21st  

Senior Signing Day 



*Top 50 students selected off of behavior and positive points. Invites will go out next week 

May 22nd – May 24th  

Spring Trip to San Antonio 

$150 due on May 6th 

9th & 10th grade 

May 24th  

Kemah Boardwalk 


6th & 7th grade 

May 24th  

Main Event  


All students  

May 28th  

Park Field Trip  


End of Year Attendance Matters:

Families, as we enter our final push of the year please be sure to get your Aviator on time to school every day. April and May are the most critical months of the year for end of year testing, STAAR, grades and grade level events. Attendance is a component of promotion standards so it is crucial that our students are present to finish the year strong!


Family Lunches:

We have started family lunches to close out our school year! On Fridays our staff will join Aviators at lunch to engage in friendly but competitive family style games. We want to bring the JOY for our Aviator community during the stressful end of year testing with some fun. Students are welcome to bring their own games from home but are responsible for the pieces. 


Hobby Families-

Families, we are taking applications for the 2024-2025 school year! Hobby Secondary is looking to add to our campus and we need your help! Do you know any families that would be great additions to the Aviator community? Refer them and you will receive some swag!



Low-Cost Clinic Options in the Greater Houston Area :

Aviator Families: The Texas Children’s Health Program for Immigrant and Refugee Child Health and Mobile Clinic Program has provided a quick and easy way to locate Low-Cost Clinics and Harris Health System Clinics in the Houston area. These clinics can assist in a range of health services like Pediatrics, Dental, Family Medicine, and other vital health services for you and your Aviators. Scan the QR codes to locate the clinics nearest you! 


Food Service:

Attention Aviator Families: Our campus has partnered up with Houston Food Bank's Backpack Buddies program. If you or anyone you know hasn't signed up already and is in need of free food for the weekend, please email or call our Middle School Student Support Counselor, Ms. Perez, at Stephanie.Perez@yesprep.org or (713) 967-8420. It's quick and easy to sign up! After you sign up, your student will be able to pick up and take home a bag of food every Friday.
Laundry Services:
Attention Aviator Families:
The HISD Sunrise Center at Morefield Boys & Girls Club has free laundry machines on a first come, first served basis. These are available Monday-Friday from 9AM to 12PM at Morefield Boys & Girls Clubs 5950 Selinsky Rd.


AP Summit:

I am excited to inform you that YES Prep is organizing its Annual AP Summit. This event is highly encouraged for your students to attend as it provides a great opportunity for them to gain valuable knowledge and skills required to succeed in their AP exams. The summit is comprised of several enriching sessions that will help your student prepare for the AP exam and potentially earn college credit by earning AP score of a 3 or higher. This event is a must-attend for students who are planning to take the exam or want to improve their scores. The event will also provide transportation for students, so they don't have to worry about commuting. Don't delay; please sign up today to secure a spot for your student. We look forward to seeing your student at the AP Summit. 


Please click this link below for registration:  

AP Summit: April 27th @ YP Southwest Campus 




ASVAB Testing:

Attention 10th Grade Families, 

Our 10th graders will be taking the ASVAB Exam on Monday, April 29th. If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Hines. 



ATTENTION YES Prep Families:

Know a family looking for a high-quality, college-ready education for their student? Refer them to YES Prep Hobby and get rewarded with some YES Prep swag!

Click here to complete the referral form: yesprep.org/ReferAFamily

Make Sure to Follow them on Social Media. 

FB: @yeshobbyes

IG: @yeshobbyes



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