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Thursday, September 1st- Open House 5:00pm-7:00pm

Friday, September 2nd- Staff Development (No School for students)

Monday, September 5th - Staff and Student Holiday 

Friday, September 23rd- Early Dismissal (Students Dismissed at 1:00pm) 



Back to School Forms

If you haven’t already, please complete Back to School forms for your children. All returning and new students to YES Prep will need to complete this process. Back to School forms are available through your Skyward Family Access account by selecting the tile named Back to School Forms 22-23. You can complete these on a computer or on your mobile device via the browser (you cannot complete the forms in the Skyward app). Deadline is Friday, August 19th. 

Early Student Pick-Up
In order to pick up your student before dismissal time, you must have a valid ID present and the person picking up must be listed under emergency contacts for the student. Emergency contact list can be found in Skyward. Updates to this list can be made on the Back to School Forms. 

Timely Arrival: 

All of our students begin classes at 8:30AM daily. To ensure that students receive bell-to-bell instruction for each period, please drop off your students no later than 8:25AM every morning. 

Late Arrival to School Procedure:

Students arriving late from 8:30am-8:40am should be dropped off in our regular arrival lane.  If you’re dropping off your Aviator after 8:30am, please enter campus for student drop-off through the second gate. This is our same gate used for arrival and dismissal.  

Please do not drop your Aviator off from 8:30am-8:40am at the front office. 

Student Dress Code: 

While we no longer have uniforms for YES Prep students, our students are still required to follow the YES Prep Hobby Dress code. Students out of dress code will receive a consequence and parents will be called to bring a change of clothes to the school before students can enter/re-enter class.


Please make sure your student has their ID on a Daily Bases. Students who do not have their IDs will receive a Temp ID along with a demerit. Students with more than 3 Demerits will receive Detention.


  • Students must bring their Laptops charged everyday. Students who forget their laptops will call parents to bring it in. 
  • Cellphones are not allowed to be used during school hours. If a student is caught with a cellphone, it will be confiscated and held at the front office until the end of the day where a parent (Guardian) must pick it up. 

Food Drop off:

If you wish to bring your Aviator food for them to consume during lunch time, it must be dropped off at the Front office no Later than 9:00am. Food must be brought by the parent/ Guardian. Any food delivered by Door Dash & Uber Eats will be thrown away. As a reminder, All students receive Free Breakfast & Lunch. 

Resource Links:

  • Transportation - View our current bus routes
  • Skyward -  View grades: assignment grades, progress report grades, and report card grades. Attendance: tardies, absences, etc. Schedule: classes your student is enrolled in.
  • Schoology -  parental access to Schoology, you can sign up for weekly reports as well as impersonate your child/children to view their classes, current and upcoming assignments, grades, etc. Schoology one pager: English | Español.
  • HERO - Behavior tracker


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Instagram: @yesprephobby
Facebook: @yesprephobby
YouTube: YES Prep Hobby


Flag Football Try-outs 8/22. 4:15p-6p.  

Cross Country Try-outs 8/23. 4:15p-6p. 

Volleyball begins Monday 8/22. 4:15p-5:45p.  


All Athletic compliance documents must be turned by 8/26 

All Athletic fees must be turned in by 8/26 


Any questions, please reach out to Coach Gipson; 713) 967-8816

We ensure all students are getting the social, emotional, and/or mental health support they need to be successful. If you notice a change in behavior, something has changed at home, or if your student has asked to talk to someone, we are here for to help! Feel free to message us, give us a call or fill out our Student Assistance Form with any questions or concerns. 

Student Support Counselor:

Stephanie Perez- stephanie.perez@yesprep.org  

Dean of Student :

Durantaniq Francis- durantaniq.francis@yesprep.org (713) 924-5626


Student Assistance Forms/ Formularios de Asistencia Estudiantil

We know that you may have some needs that arise as a parent, guardian, or student. You can receive direct help by submitting a “Student Assistance Form” or a SAF. To communicate any support needs you may have, please click on the SAF link on the district website or use the QR code below. The campus Student Support Counselor will follow-up with you to determine the best way to get your need met. SAFs can be submitted for:

  • Urgent family concerns
  • Family or student supplies or resources needed for school (i.e., uniforms, calculator, books, food)
  • Student social and emotional concerns
  • Student home or family concerns
  • Student relationship concerns
  • Concerns about harassment, race, or equity


Sabemos que usted puede tener algunas necesidades que surgen como padre, tutor o estudiante. Puede recibir ayuda directa enviando un "Formulario de Asistencia Estudiantil" o un SAF. Para comunicar cualquier necesidad de soporte que pueda tener, haga clic en el enlace SAF en el sitio web del distrito o use el código QR a continuación. El Consejero de Apoyo Estudiantil del campus hará un seguimiento con usted para determinar la mejor manera de satisfacer sus necesidades. Los SAF se pueden enviar para:

  • Preocupaciones familiares urgentes
  • Suministros familiares o estudiantiles o recursos necesarios para la escuela (es decir, uniformes, calculadora, libros, alimentos)
  • Preocupaciones sociales y emocionales de los estudiantes
  • Preocupaciones familiares o del hogar del estudiante
  • Preocupaciones sobre las relaciones con los estudiantes
  • Preocupaciones sobre el acoso, la raza o la equidad
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  • Family Notes

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